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This site was archived and preserved for use by Diana Witt's History course, US At War, and is required reading for 1st year students majoring in any of the university's history programs. Ms Witt graces the cover of the university's April 2012 Alumni magazine along with her service dog Sgt. Pepper, seen relaxing on one of his round dog beds - there are 3 beside her desk. In addition to being a classically trained historian, she is also an animal rights activist and volunteers at the local animal shelter. Students can obtain the complete reading list from her page on the History Department's website.

The Military Art Gallery offered the most comprehensive selection of aviation, maritime and military art prints in the world. These prints covered military and aviation topics from the Ancient Greeks and Romans through modern Space Exploration.
This was their website for a number of years.

Content is from the site's 2003 -2011 archived pages providing just a glimpse of the type of artwork that was available for purchase.


The Military Art Gallery Inc.
Est. 1991

The Military Art Gallery offers the most comprehensive selection of aviation, maritime and military art prints in the world. These prints cover military and aviation topics from the Ancient Greeks and Romans through modern Space Exploration. In addition, we offer a wide variety books and magazines on military and aviation topics for the amateur historian. In cooperation with ARTCO 2000 Custom Framing Gallery, we can have your print beautifully framed and shipped right to your door.



Art Series by Roy Grinnell

The American Fighter Aces Association proudly presents an updated selection of its Limited Edition Signed Print Series. Roy Grinnell, the feature artist of this series, pays tribute on canvas and portrays the achievements of the American Fighter Aces for future generations. The Military Art Gallery, in co-operation with the American Fighter Aces Association, is proud to present this page.


Solid Citizen the Rescue!
by Roy Grinnell

Lt. Richard H. (Dick) Fleischer, in his P-47D-2, is scrambled 27 Dec 1943 with Blue Flight, 340 FS, 348th FG to intercept what turned out to be 12 Vals. The dive-bombers were harassing US PT Boats operating off the SW coast of New Britain Island near Arawe. Spotting the dive-bombers, Dick called them out, dropped tanks, then dove in to intercept. “Coming in fast, throttled back to come up from under at about a 20 degree angle” as the Vals were heading to attack the PT Boats. The 1st Val was shot down with hits to the engine and right wing. A wingover and 4 second burst got #2, both confirmed by the Navy. A 3rd Val was fired at, but uncertain on the outcome. Only 4 Vals made it home. Dick will finish the war with 6 victories.

100 Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Giclees on canvas or heavy art paper are available in the following sizes and price ranges

12 X 18 Price: $175.00
16 X 24 Price: $265.00
20 X 30 Price: $325.00

noun: giclée; plural noun: giclées; noun: giclee; plural noun: giclees

  1. a technology for fine art or photograph reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies.
    • a print produced using the giclée process




First Victory for the Screamin' Kid
Roy Grinnell

Mission No. 7, 21 August 1943, escorting bombers from Dobodura to Wewak Island area, 1st Lt. John Loisel, 475 FG, 432 FS, was number 3 of Clover White Flight. Approaching Wewak at 9,000 fee, the Clover leader yelled “drop tanks.” The flight saw P-38s and enemy aircraft at distance straight ahead. After combat with a Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony, 2 Mitsubishi A6M Zeros, and a twin engine fighter, Loisel made a head-on pass with another Tony, and he saw the right wing of the aircraft peeling off in large pieces and believed one piece struck his wingman, Lt. Paul Lucas’ wing. He claimed this Tony as his first victory. Loisel got one more that day claiming two Tony’s definitely destroyed for the “Screamin’ Kid.” John S. Loisel completed the war as a Lt. Colonel and the 475th Group Commander, age 25, with 11 victories.

100 Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Giclees on canvas or heavy art paper are available in the following sizes and price ranges:

12 X 18 Price: $175.00
16 X 24 Price: $265.00
20 X 30 Price: $325.00




Ten Years Later, The Fight Continues...
James Dietz

Ten years after the attacks on the United States and her allies at the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the fight continues. U.S. forces, together with many allied nations have been engaged in combat operations in a multitude of areas that include both Iraq and Afghanistan.
The U.S. Army War College Class of 2011 commemorates the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, 2001 with this painting. The class dedicates the painting to those who have been and will be integral to the fight that continues. The subjects in this painting are representative of not only all services of the U.S. Armed Forces, but also include the wounded warrior, the first responders to the attacks, our civilian partners, and a coalition soldier who represents our allies who have stood with our forces, shoulder to shoulder. The subjects are ascending towards a collective destination, and the background includes not only the ten stars symbolizing the 10 years that have passed, but also the colors of the nation we all serve and defend. It is for all who are pictured here that we dedicate this legacy, and though it may be
"Ten Years Later - The Fight Continues."

250 Publisher Proof Edition S/N
Image Size: 25" x 10.75"

Publisher Proof Price: $175.00



George Washington at the Battle of Princeton
3 January 1777
Don Troiani

In one of the pivotal moments of the Revolution, on January 3, 1777 when the cause of the patriots hung by a thread at the town of Princeton, New Jersey, General George Washington proved once more to be the savior of the cause. Despite the remarkable victory at Trenton days before , the American army was engaged in a desperate game of cat and mouse with superior British forces in hot pursuit.
Encountering a British brigade led by Colonel Mawhood outside of Princeton, the patriot vanguard was forced back by a charge lead by the 17th Regiment of Foot. At the height of the fighting Washington with his staff galloped onto the field and rallied the retreating troops of Mercer's and Cadwalader's Brigades. An American officer wrote "I shall never forget what I felt at Princeton on his account, when I saw him brave all the dangers of the field and the importance of his life hanging as it were by a single hair with a thousand deaths flying about him..." The British advance was crushed , Mawhood's forces routed, and the bedraggled patriot army lived to fight another day.
Accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity/ historical fact sheet written by the renowned Revolutionary war historian James L. Kochan.

Print size: 32.25" x 25.25"
450 S/N edition, 100 Artist Proof and 20 Canvas Giclee

S/N Edition Price: Sold Out
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Yellow Jackets
Russell Smith

Yellow Jackets features the yellow-clad Fokker triplanes of Jasta 27. The unit's markings included yellow cowlings, wheel covers, struts and rear fuselages. The lead bird belongs to Ltn Rudolf Klimke, whose personal marking was a large anchor.
The pilot and serial of the second bird are unknown, but the markings are pretty cool - a large "V" with three small yellow stars. The triplane with the white markings in the bottom left corner is Oblt Hermann Göring, the Staffel commander at the time.
The airfield is based on Halluin-Ost, J27's home in the spring of 1918. I modified the layout slightly to make the composition stronger.

- Giclee prints on paper: Printed on acid free rag paper, The prints measure 21.5" x 20". The edition consists of 250 prints, each of which is signed and numbered by Russell Smith.

- Gilcee prints on canvas: Prints on canvas measure 21.5" x 19.5".
The canvas edition consists of only 27 prints, each of which is signed and numbered on the back.


Original Oil Painting
Yellow Jackets
Russell Smith

The painting is framed, measures 21.5" x 24" and is oil on linen.

All sales are final and do not include insured S&H;,
which will be the buyers responsibility.

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Giclee on paper Price:    $125.00
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Toward the Setting Sun
William S. Phillips

A Personal Commission® Print Countersigned by the Surviving Doolittle Raiders during their 68th Annual Reunion.

The 68th Annual Reunion of the Doolittle Raiders will take place at Wright-Patterson AFB April 16-18, 2010 . In 1942, 16 aircraft, crewed by 80 men, flew this historic mission. Five of the eight surviving crew members will be attending the reunion and signing
Toward the Setting Sun;

Col. USAF (Ret.) Richard E. Cole, Co-Pilot Crew 1
Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) Robert L. Hite, Co-Pilot Crew 16
Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) Edward J. Saylor, Engineer Crew 15
Major USAF (Ret) Thomas C. Griffin, Navigator Crew 9
SSgt David J. Thatcher, Engineer-Gunner Crew 7

Toward the Setting Sun features the USS Hornet (CV-8) with the Doolittle Raiders’ 16 B-25s lashed down across her deck as she steams majestically into a Pacific sunset. SBDs of the USS Enterprise’s (CV-6) Scouting Squadron 6 (VS-6) patrol the skies above.

At the time, the mission was referred to as the Halsey-Doolittle Raid; and here Phillips pays homage to the Navy’s significant role. Sending two United States aircraft carriers, Task Force 16, to the coast of the Rising Sun in 1942 was a courageous and risky move; especially for a nation reeling from Japan’s string of Pacific victories. Most of the ships and sailors that made up Vice Admiral Halsey’s TF 16 would six weeks later deal a staggering blow to the Japanese Fleet off Midway. The Halsey-Doolittle Raid truly marked when the Rising Sun began to set.

Scott Usher
Publisher and President
The Greenwich Workshop, Inc.

Image Size: 24" x 16.5"

Actual Print | Order: $395.00



Original oil painting!!!!

William Phillip's original oil on board painting entitled
"Toward the Setting Sun".
Back of Painting

Original Painting Price: $16,500.00

This painting is approx. 16.5" x 24"
It is signed on the back by Cole, Hite, Griffin, and Thatcher



Listed below are some images of the best aviation art ever produced, but have not been seen in some time. Quantities of these prints are extremely limited and some are available only as artist's proofs.We hope that you find them of interest.


The Giant Begins to Stir
William Phillips

The B-25 Mitchell of LtCol Jimmy Doolittle approaches the coast of Japan on the fateful day of April 18th, 1942 as he leads 79 American Airmen on the first strike against the homeland of Japan. After a string of stinging defeats for the first six months of the War, this daring feat was a tremendous morale boost for the American public. For his leadership of the daring raid, LtCol Doolittle was to receive the Medal of Honor.
This extremely rare print is co-signed by 16 of the Doolittle raiders, one member of each crew, including General Doolittle himself.
Image Size: 29 1/4 x 23 ½"
AP Price: Sold


I Could Never Be So Lucky Again
William Phillips

Originally published in 1992 as part of the 50 anniversary of the historic Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, this extremely rare print is co-signed by Gen. Jimmy Doolittle and is accompanied by a copy of Jimmy Doolittle's autobiographical book of the same title.
Print Size: 22 1/2" x 20 1/3"
Artist's Proof Price: $2000.00